Usually at eateries, I am not greeted with remarks about my dress sense (or lack thereof).  As I was to dive in once again to a more trendy crowd (where I often feel slightly ill at ease), I thought I would have to dress with a particular style.  As I feared, as I approached the cashier, I was greeted with particular scrutiny and then an exclamation of “is that Darth Vader”?  There was some basis for such an interjection.  I was wearing my T-shirt with the heads of various cast members of the Star Wars franchise scribbled in cartoon likeness.  I quickly found that I had made the right dress choice this fine day as he then proceeded to bear his Death Star shirt.  Brotherly comradehood makes things taste that much better.

From such beginnings, I knew I was in for a good time.

Allpress ticks all the boxes for a hipster coffee joint.  Although previous experiences have been found somewhat wanting on this front, here I was surprised.  Not only that stripped back decor can mix well with industrial looking machinery to produce excellent coffee but that great things can come out of a basic kitchen.

Long black.  The coffee purist I was along with said that this was excellent coffee.  As I would hope.

Latte.  The less experienced coffee drinker (me) thought the latte was great.  Not too bitter but creamy and delicious.

Salmon and celeriac.  Yet it was the food at this coffee joint that really surprised me.  The salmon was meaty yet light, the celeriac refreshing and crunchy.  With a dash of horseradish to give a kick and watercress to give some additional greenery, this was great.  When combined with some of the best bread that I have ever had in a cafe, this was an excellent toasted sandwich.  Even thinking back now, my mouth starts to water.  So please, excuse me as I wipe the drool off my keyboard, its not waterproof you see.

Mixed platter, avocado, egg, prevalone cheese, tomato and jamon.  As my dining companion so succinctly put it, this was fresh.  So much so, that she repeated it multiple times.  Quality ingredients delivered up simply led to a delicious no-nonsense and no-fuss lunch.  Delicious.

Breads.  To go with the above platter.  These were expertly toasted to give just the right amount of crunch to add to the sympathy of taste I was enjoying.  I later found out that this was from the Little Bread Pedlar and the Dusty Knuckle.

Maple shortbread.  Although disappointing in the company of what had come before, merely not bad rather than being great.

This was a most excellent lunch.  I used to think that I would be forever barred from casual cafes with good coffee as I simply did not meet the requisite level of coolness.   Experience has told me to brace myself for the worst when visiting such places.  This time, I was to be pleasantly surprised. Although maybe that is because I was wearing my too cool for school t-shirt.  If this is what happens when my dress fits right, perhaps I should try ripped jeans next.  Perhaps things might be mind blowing.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Lunch (a sandwich and a coffee) was GBP9 excluding drinks and service.



55 Dalston Ln,
London E8 2NG

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