About quiet eating

Quiet eating is simply a blog dedicated to travels in search of quiet eating.


Origin story

This blog was originally conceived in January 2010 to mark the start of my sojourn to Japan.  From such rambling beginnings, it evolved to help me mark memorable food where ever it could be found.  I do really mean where ever, as no mountain is too high

It then plodded along taking up increasing amounts of cognitive resources, at times threatening to squeeze out other ancillary concerns such as making a living.  However, I endeavoured to maintain it as a diverting hobby, a way to keep my sanity in my otherwise chaotic life and a way to remember what I’ve eaten as memory dims with time.


But why name it quiet eating???

But why name it “quiet eating” rather than “partaking in sustenance”, “stuffing one’s face” or other permutations?  The intention is that the text will not be overwhelming but rather complement the photos.  Hence allowing for peaceful enjoyment without the incessant cackle of a verbose discourse (or at least only during contemplation of sophisticated prose).  Posts are constructed through photos first and words later in keeping with this ethic.


Ok, so you have a weird name but why a blog in the first place?

I like to take photos, live to eat and provide joyous unsolicited commentary.  This leads to much dismay by my friends who are worried I will come and critique their local favourite.

This blog has no ads, is not sponsored and complimentary food is declared to convince you that I am beholden to no one. I run it out of the goodness of my sarcastic heart, sometime boredom and on the lint from the bottom of my pocket.  So although I may be invited, my views are strictly my own.  More on this in the page “about the quiet eater and contact“.


With this in mind, happy (quiet) reading.

This rhino in particular epitomises the quiet eating doctrine.  I didn’t hear much of anything as he grumpily waddled away into the underbrush after I rudely interrupted his meal.


Camera stuff

I like photos which has has lead to weighty camera gear. I won’t bore you with the detail but before I flounce off, I will admit that I probably have too much of it.

This little birdie didn’t want me getting close which is why I spend too much on camera equipment.

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