Lucky Buns

I feel like I need a bit of luck, especially on the eating front.  My last few visits have been plagued with pain (stomach), fear (apprehension of being robbed) and piercing insight (the metal in my mouth).  So a lucky meal for me would be an unexciting meal, hopefully delivered by such London buns.

El jefe, double Angus beef patties, charred green chili relish, cotija crema, yellow mustard, American cheese, shrettuce, red onion, pickles.  It was, meaty.  Bun could have been charred a bit more and I would have gone for a not-so-synethetic tasting cheese but it was of decent size.  Although Bleecker Burger maybe does a better bun, of late they have been subject to miniaturization.

Hot tiger bun, crispy fried chicken thigh, spicy Sichuan chili oil, dry spice, buttermilk ranch, house-made pickles, white onion, yellow mustard.  This was a crispy, moist and hot chunk of chicken.  The spice level was fairly high, even if it thankfully did not have the after effects of pushing too much as I had at Mambow.

Cheesy fries, dive bar queso cheese dip, cotija, chilis.  Cheese with fries and spice.  Decent if not awe inspring.

It was an unexciting meal.  Which makes this in the immediate term, something to celebrate.  As for whether it is somewhere worth coming back to, I am alleviated of making such judgment as this is just a temporary pop up.  Although, we all need a boring meal from time to time.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Dinner (burger and chips) was GBP20 excluding drinks and service.


Lucky Buns

23 Charlotte St
London W1T 1RL


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