In these sad days, sometimes I feel I need a pick me up.

That is something I can readily understand.  The problem is, when it seems like half of London feels the same way.

To get into this bakery, it took over 30 minutes of queueing.  Mind you, this is for takeaway.  Although thankfully the eager eaters controlled themselves enough to queue in a dispersed manner, there were other problems.  Unlike my good dreams when I wake up hoping that my desires have come to fruition, unfortunately in this case my worries were realised.  When I got to the front, what I had started out on my journey for was gone.  They had sold out what I had my eye on.

Trying to suppress my dejection, I attempted to look on the bright side of life.  Look at all those other treats waiting for someone to take a delightful bite.  Those unexpected experiences just waiting for a brave soul to try something out of their usual comfort zone.  Just waiting for someone willing to live dangerously.

Spinach, Italian sausage, tomato, cheese.  So perhaps this first item was not that unusual.  Although reading as a somewhat strange mixture of toppings, it showed that many things can go together well, although perhaps not as surprising as the mushroom ice cream I had at Sketch.  It was really quite good with rich umami notes, crispy but substantial base, all topped off with creamy cheese.

Galatte des rois.  A Christmas treat of puff pastry with almond filling. I bought this because it looked so very weird. I have never seen one of these before so to overcome my aforementioned disappointment, I decided to try something on the wild side.  I am glad I did, this was exceptional.  Flaky crust with deep smooth almond inside, it was an exceptional balance of sweet filling and almost savory crust.

Although I have been accused of looking at decisions in my life in a particularly quantifiable basis, taking too long by carefully weighing risk and reward, I justify that because there is danger in spontaneity.  When I break out of that rut, things can turn out on either extreme, sometimes it can almost burn down the house. On the other hand, I might find something worth going out on a limb for (or perhaps I should say, worth taking a bite).  Like perhaps, a galatte.  Sometimes, it is worth going out on a limb, a prayer and displaying a bit of courage.  It can be worth it.


A quieteating 8.5/10.

A pizza slice was GBP6 excluding drinks and service.



21 Newington Green,
London, N16 9PU

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