Anticipation breeds expectation.

Expectation leads to hope.

Hope (in my case) often ends up being unrequited.

In the days leading up to a loosening in dining restrictions, I could hardly contain my excitement.  Seems like half of London couldn’t either.  See below crowd.  This was early on a Saturday morning in Covent Garden.

Having finished a visit to one of my favourite coffee houses in London, I thought that this ideally would be accompanied by a sweet treat.

The buns.

Lucky for me, there was one such establishment just a short walk away.  In my greed, a major problem then arose.  With coffee in one hand and food in the other, I was challenged in dexterity.  These are the excuses aside, for the atypical positions of subject matter in the photo below.

Cinnamon bun.  With delicate cubes of sugar on top, it looks like it would be a treat.  In this case, dreams and reality collided rather roughly with my parts spinning off to litter the nearby road.  The bun was somewhat stale, the cinnamon sugar paste dry, the whole thing not making me very happy.

Sadly it seems that for some places on the street, the high demand to eat something that isn’t from your kitchen leads to what seems like a rushed product.  That doesn’t sit that well with me and tragically leads to disappointment.  Should have just stayed at home.


A quiet eating 6.5/10.

A bun was GBP3 excluding drinks and service.



8 Earlham Street,
London WC2H 9RY


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