Yurt Cafe

Sometimes, I idly wonder what it would be like to be a nomad, living in a yurt.

To be constantly on the move.  Having a camel/horse/other smelly mode of transport.  Sleeping in a different place every night.

Then I remember what backpacking around Europe during my university days was like.  On my 2 week journey around with not much money, I spent less than half the nights in a bed.  I slept on a bus, on a train and one particularly cold and miserable night, on an open train platform.  Then the yearning dies a bloody death.

In any case, this is the yurt of Yurt Cafe.  It is quite big (and dark) inside.

Latte.  Something weird happened here.  It had a very light taste of coffee.  It had an overwhelming taste of milk.  This was a new experience for me.  The coffee wasn’t too fruity, burnt or black.  It just tasted of milk. Not great.

I tried to think about other reasons why things turned out the way they did.  Was the use of yurt a signal that they were trying to put a Mongolian spin on things?  Or perhaps there a herd of bovine animals around the back?  Alternatively, was this how they got rid of the excess diary?  Then again, maybe I was being sucked along to a rather pointless daydream.  So on this rather nice day (sunny in England!), guess I should enjoy the atmosphere instead.


A quiet eating 5/10.

A coffee was GBP3.


Yurt Cafe
2 Butcher Row
London E14 8DS

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