There are many weird food-related events I have come across in my life.

There was the time that I ate puffin in Iceland.  Or perhaps it was the time I saw coal-flavoured ice cream.

Yet, what has to take the cake was the time I ate raw chicken.  No, that wasn’t when I was learning to cook but rather in a speciality restaurant in Tokyo.  How my friends who took me there laughed when I approached it with extreme trepidation.

However, Yorica is unusual too, if not in such a disgusting way .  It serves dairy-free ice cream.

Cutting edge as this was, it was appropriately decorated.  Clean lines and laid-back demeanour.  Reflected in the furniture and the clientele.  Yet, this should not distract one from their non-everything policy.  No additives, no artificial elements, just ice cream with no dairy.

Salted caramel and cookies and cream.  Instead of relying on the power of the cow, instead it is made of coconut.  Weird as that might sound, it actually tastes rather good.  It still has its creamy taste but with a hint of coconut undercurrents.  This combination of tastes had a great depth in salty and sweet flavours.

Caramel popcorn and banoffee pie.  Concentrated more on the vanilla end of products, this was where the coconut flavour really shone through.  Caramel and more caramel, what’s not to like?  Real pieces of popcorn mixed inside giving a bit of a pop, so adding a bit of texture to the taste.  Great.

Weird doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad, even though it may not seem that way to you.  Sometimes it pays for me to be adventurous and by that I mean not just for a reader’s enjoyment but for my personal satisfaction.  As I reminded a friend recently, meals are usually either a pleasure to eat or a pleasure to write about.  Unfortunately, those two things are often mutually exclusive.  However, Yorica was different as I found something which was almost as fun to write about as to eat.  Now, I could go bananas for that, or perhaps I should say coconuts.


A quiet eating 7.5/10.

2 scoops of ice cream was GBP5.25.



130 Wardour St, Soho,
London W1F 8ZN


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