Pizza Pilgrims

What words would you associate pilgrim with?



Or my personal favourite, hobo?

As usual, I am being particularly felicitous.  Although such words appear in my head when I think of the word “pilgrim”, it actually describes a far more noble purpose.  It is a long journey on a quest, in search of an elusive goal.  In this case, no doubt it was in search of the perfect pizza.  So how did this endeavour compare to its name?

Salami.  This was a bit better than Pizza Hut.  The base was miles apart from that but the toppings were a bit too sparse to make me happy.  There was rather too much dough, not enough additions to satisfy me.  I love bread more than the other guy but there comes a point when it is too much.

Nduja.  This shows that complain as I might about my food, it can always get worse.  Like this with some rather pathetic piles of spicy sausage places in small mounds for you to spread around yourself.  Gives the impression that they just couldn’t be bothered to slather it around but instead left it up to us.  In this case, I should have asked for a refund as I was subject to unnecessary labour.

With its cheerful checked table cloths, rustic decor and no-nonsense cutlery, it is clearly aiming at a certain type of clientele.  If you like to be brought back to the 80s, then this is the place for you.  If instead you are looking for somewhere good to eat, you have further to go.  If you are on a pilgrimage for great pizza, perhaps give this a pass.  Although if you are desperate, at least it’s better than Pizza Hut.


A quiet eating 6/10.

Lunch (1 pizza) was about GBP9 excluding drinks and service.


Pizza Pilgrims

12 Hertsmere Rd, Canary Wharf,
London E14 4AE


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