Towpath Cafe

Queuing on the side of water made me remember my time at Porto Final.  Thankfully, things at Tow Path Cafe were not as tight as in the aforementioned case.  The drop off the side was not as dramatic so although a lapse in balance would be embarrassing, it would be unlikely to lead to drowning.

In keeping with other annoying places in London, they do not take bookings.  You have to show up and queue.  Although at least it is a pretty view from the queue.  You could perhaps say that this is the million dollar view, but that’s somewhat spoilt by the graffiti.

On our table.  A pretty little arrangement.  Rustic.  Thoughtful.  Suitable for the surroundings.

The view from our seat.  A pleasant place to sit.

Latte.  It was fairly ordinary.  I’ve had much better (and worse) before.  The issue was that it seemed a bit watery.

Fried eggs, caramelised chilli, sage butter.  This was interesting.  The caramelised chili added a flourish to carefully cooked eggs.  The bread was excellent.  A delicious dish, even if a bit small.

Egyptian eggs.  These were poached and deep-fried eggs with sesame seeds on top.  The bread was a star again, the eggs were cooked in a way I have never had before.  Although I had hoped that it would be oozing yolk inside (half boiled), instead it was a bit too solid.  Decent.

I would have thought that an ideal weekend morning would be sitting outside in the sunshine, eating your brunch and sipping your coffee.  However, with inflation that is becoming less appealing.  At least that is the excuse I am making for them as any of their egg dishes was northwards of GBP10.  I would have preferred for the portion size to inflate (you would need at least 2 for a normal meal) but this is a relatively small fry (ied eggs).


A quiet eating 8/10.

Lunch (an egg dish and coffee) was GBP 14 excluding drinks and service.


Towpath Cafe

42 De Beauvoir Crescent
London N1 5SB

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