In my exciting foodie life, I have had many many things happen to me.  As committed readers of the blog may know, mishap tends to follow me around, occurring much more often than expected.  I guess someone has to balance out the average dining experience.  Lucky for everyone else, that person seems to be me.  Not so great for the one experiencing an “interesting” life.

Along this line of thought, I must chalk up another experience to the board.  I was invited to review a supper club.  No, there wasn’t glass in the food, flies, string or other fascinating off menu additions this time but more simply, I didn’t get the menu.  Or indeed get to step into the restaurant.  I was asked to review a supper club but upon arriving at the pre-agreed venue, I was promptly informed that I must be mistaken as no such event had been booked.  Right…  After fruitless searching and some phone calls later, it transpired that it had been unexpectedly cancelled.  Just that they forgot to tell me.

Guess it could be worse.  I could have accidentally been lit on fire for example.

Instead, at this late hour of 8:30pm, in frantic search for something, anything, to fill our bellies, we strolled briskly around looking for a restaurant which would let us in without an hour long wait.

That’s how we ended up at Stax.  At this stage, the fact that they had an open table that I could faint on looked almost heavenly to me.  I was not too picky at this point, the fact that they seemed to serve something edible was good enough for me.


The Big Stax, Spicy Comeback sauce, house made pickles, maple glazed beef bacon, caramelized onions and mature cheddar.  Although in my famished state this seemed only heavenly, in a more objective state of mind I would rate this ok.  I admit that I do not particularly like the American maple syrup drenched bacon as it seems a bit weird to me to eat sweet and savoury together.  Then again, there is bacon and egg ice cream…


Cajun fries.  These were surprisingly good.  Crisp and relatively oil free, with the Cajun spice, these tasted great.  Although maybe a bit too much MSG here as I spent the rest of the evening downing pints of water.

Sitting almost directly under another American diner, Dirty Bones, they have tough competition.  Sadly, they fail in this respect.  I guess I was a bit desperate and curious so they received my custom.  Disappointingly only a little above average.


A quiet eating 5.5/10.

Dinner (burger and fries) was GBP14 excluding service and drinks.



1st Floor
1.7 Kingly Court — Carnaby

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