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Sometimes I have a craving for cave man food.  The type of food that you need to hunt down and kill with your own bare hands and then roast over a fire that you made yourself by striking flint stones together.  As such opportunities do not abound in London (I think I will get arrested if I try things in the London zoo) I had to settle for the second best thing at Pitt Cue.  Imagining I killed the bull, skinned it and roasted it.  All while I enjoyed the best part of the process, eating it.


To whet the appetite a bit while we were waiting for the main event.  A small chunk of feather blade.  With some crunchy breadcrumbs on top.  Not bad.  But just a warm up.


To be accompanied by some kimchi.  Not really my cup of tea but my dinning companion seemed to like it.


For the main event.  Beef ribs.  I suspect that there was about 500g of meat on this big boy.  The bull that lost this must surely have missed it.  Gloriously marbled and tenderly cooked, this meat easily parted from the bone and moved quickly onwards towards my waiting mouth.   Cooked just right with complementary spices and a heavenly mustard sauce on the side, this was definitely a dish to slobber over.  It was on the specials menu too, so you just have to hope that it is promoted to a regular in the future so you can share my joy.


To go along with this was some pig’s jowl.  Guess we had to change from the beefy goodness.  Interesting texture.  The taste reminded me very much of pulled pork, food barbarian that I am.  I am sure that a more refined palate could educate me as to its subtleties.


Jerusalem artichoke.  I usually dislike artichokes but this proved to be the exception.  With the smoothness of the pea emulsion combined with the bite of the artichoke, I think Pitt Cue are on to a winner here.


Bone marrow mash.  This was my favourite side dish.  Creamy mash with a little bit of something extra.  Oh yes, that must be the mash.  Mhmm.

A very satisfying meal all at a wallet friendly price.  No wonder there is often a long long queue outside, especially as it is located just off Regent Street.


A quieteating 7.5/10.

Dinner (3 courses) was GBP24 without drinks and service. Even a cave man can’t complain about that.


Pitt Cue Co.

1 Newburgh St, Soho,
London W1F 7RB


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