Origin Coffee Roasters

Sometimes I am accused of being a snob.

Sometimes I agree.

I admit that I am a picky man, particularly when it comes to coffee.  However, like all whimsical irritants, my tastes constantly change.  At times I like or hate all of the following: burnt, sour, smooth, sweet, bitter, milky, black.  And if I don’t like it for some reason, I do what any food blogger worth any salt would do.  Make something up.

So, bored one day, I decided to spent some more time experiencing the East London coffee culture.

Banana cake.  It starts with cake of course.  This was a rather solid and heavy block.  Sadly, not sweet enough for my tastes.

Latte.  Smooth and not bad.  However, it was sadly just that.  It wasn’t really something special.  I could try and mask my feelings with a critique that it just didn’t have the right notes, the heaviness of the water was kind of wrong or instead the latte art didn’t flatter my profile enough.

However, I think I will just be blunt (as some complain I am wont to be) and say, it just wasn’t for me.  Let’s leave it at that.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Coffee and a cake was GBP7.


Origin Coffee Roasters

65 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch,
London EC2A 3PE


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