Master Wei


Wei wei wei?

Wei wei wei wei wei!

Such is the ferocious roar that you can sometimes hear in Hong Kong as irate commuters try to get someone to listen on their telephone.

With such thoughts in mind, I found Master Wei to be a particularly interesting place to visit.  Particularly with the little panda mascot.

The front of Master Wei.  Note the happy panda in the corner.  He looks content and cute now but I easily imagine his vengeful wrath should you cross him.  Such as a bad review.  Not that there should be any reason to do so if Master Wei’s reputation was true.  Bringing a true taste of lesser well known part of the orient to London.

Xi’an liangpi noodles with sesame sauce and chicken.  A good appetiser, creamy sesame sauce, tasteful noodles topped off with chicken.  I’ve had worse, although I’ve had better.

Pork biang biang noodles with tomato and egg sauce and chilli oil.  This was rather good, even if they were a bit tight with the portions.  The thick sheets of noodles, mixed with the chilli sauce were excellent.  They were paradoxically both firm and soft.  When added to the simple but good toppings, these were something that I would return for.

Fried pork and seaweed pot sticker dumplings.  These cost a surprising amount, almost as much as the noodles.  If I could talk to the panda, I would throw these in his face.  These were overpriced, overfried and over here.  Not many redeeming factors in this.  Price, no.  Portion size, no.  Taste, err.

In an attempt to make things balanced, as people urge me, I should look at the other side.  So I guess worse things could have happened to me.  At least all I had at the end of the day was a bad meal.  Nothing more physical.  Although I had been led to believe otherwise before I came, as many things in life seem to be, reality is a disappointment.  That is especially true in the realm of politics.  So when I left Master Wei, I think the most apt way to describe things is: sad panda.  I leave it up to you as to whether you think I apply that to the food or recent political circumstance.


A quiet eating 6/10.

Dinner (1.5 courses) was GBP17 per person excluding drinks and service.


Master Wei

13 Cosmo Pl, Bloomsbury,
London WC1N 3AP


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