Coffee holds a large degree of fascination for me.  Mainly because it seems almost holy to others (not me).  I wondered at length why it is intrinsically needed for some to live a normal life.  It is not even that they need it to give them an extra kick when they are tired, to help them concentrate or to help them focus on the task at hand but it is required just so that some people can enjoy the bare modicum of everyday activity.  Without it, some people become snappy, cranky or lethargic.  For others, it has no effect whatsoever.  I am one of the latter.  Lucky me.

Which brings me to my next point.  What is true love?  I would hope when something isn’t required or necessitated.  Compelled adoration seems too close to slavery for me.  Much better to be able to make a completely uninhibited choice.  Sometimes choice can be a curse.

Although I think of myself as very much a coffee barbarian (to go with my uncouth taste of food), I can now tell good from bad coffee.  At least in (what my more expert coffee friends tell me is a sissy drink) a latte.  Plenty of milk to cushion the blow there.

The baristas dutifully fulfilling customer’s orders.

Latte.  Now I must apologise for the green tint.  I only realised this when I got home.  It’s true colour is off white.  In any case, I choose to see this as a reminder not to pay attention to the packaging but rather the taste.

The taste was good.  In my inexpert eyes, it just lacked the burnt taste element of too many “artisan” coffees.  Through this single element it had already managed to put itself on a pedestal above most others.  Coffee notes, smooth taste and milky body, this was something nice.  London seems to think so too from the queue at the door.  Although as for whether or not this was true love, that depends on how you define that.  If you are into monogamous relationships, then this was good but not enough to warrant a ring.  My favourite coffee place still holds my heart.  A post on that in the future.  Yet this is one of the best, so if you are around the area, worth a pop in.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Coffee was GBP3 excluding service.



66 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia,
London W1W 7QJ


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