Buns & Buns

I have always been extremely wary of restaurants which look like tourist traps.  In my younger days, I was often lured in with promises of traditional and culturally appropriate food available for my eating convenience.  As I grew older, I would try to not willingly subject myself to such locales.  I think I’ve learnt enough to know that they usually end up in tears.

However, when there is a particular overriding concern in play, sometimes I find I must give in.  I.e. strenuous remarks that food had to be found in certain places and must offer something soupy.  So this is my excuse of why I ended up here against my better judgment.

Tom kha soup, noodles, coconut milk, chicken & mushroom. I was subject to astonishment here as this dish had a delightful soup base, with greater depth of flavour that you would expect out of a packet.  The chicken was unfortunately a bit boring, the glass noodles, a bit bland.  The chillis bringing welcome fire but that wasn’t really enough.  Taken together, exceeded expectations.

Chicken bun, fried chicken, lettuce, mayo.  The buns were delightfully fluffy.  The chicken had an interesting nutty flavour, perhaps deep fried in peanut oil.  The lettuce was a bit sparse and the mayo less so.  A good dish if a bit dear in price.

Buns and buns is perhaps an inaccurate name.  There was much more than that on offer on the menu.  Although there was a generic mish mash of “crowd pleasers” (how I hate that word as how can you please a generic blob of people), if you pick carefully, you might be surprised.  At least I was, it didn’t all end up in tears until the end when I got the bill.


A quieteating 7/10.

Lunch (1 course) was about GBP20 excluding drinks and service.


Buns & Buns

Unit 5C Covent Garden,
London WC2E 8RA

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