Black Bear Burger

Triple B.  Sounds like a credit rating.

In financial speak, this means a company that is rated towards the bottom of “investment grade”, i.e. something that is more risky than not.  Although in this case triple B stands for Black Bear Burger.  Although having eaten there, I think that perhaps it stands for a potential warning if you want to give them a try.

Miso burger.  This would have been better if this wasn’t rather lukewarm.  With a bun that was starting to crumble because of the sauce, a thin slice of cheese, limp bacon with seemingly random slathering of miso sauce this failed to lift my expectations.  The bun didn’t save this either as it was boring, like a limp handshake.  Even with a generous scattering of sesame seeds on top of the bun to try and add some texture and flavour, at this point, things were already too far gone.

Garlic and parmesan chips.  Again suffering from the problem of being rather cold.  This was also compounded by the fact that these fries were rather limp.  Fries should be hot, crunchy and a delight to eat.  These were none of those as the random smattering of garlic powder failed to do anything positive.

In a crowded food hall, and served on a sad metal plate, this meal will set you back double the price of the McDonald’s version.  Although you could say it was slightly better than the usual fast food, it wasn’t much better than that.  A metal instead of plastic tray isn’t worth that much.

I guess that BBB is a good name for this burger joint.  As it is something standard and it definitely is in danger of falling out of the realms of edible to “junk” (the bad stuff) status.  That’s below “investment grade” (the good stuff) for those unfamiliar with financial parlance.  That means there is a substantial risk that they will go broke, which if they keep going like they do, can’t be that far off.


A quiet eating 5/10.

Dinner (a burger and fries) was GBP16 excluding drinks and service.


Black Bear Burger

25 North Colonade
London E14 5HD

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