Archetype Coffee

Sometimes I am reminded about the reasons that I blog about food and drink.  Thankfully, it rarely reaches the level where a difference of opinion can lead to generational feuds.  Either that, or when people have a difference of opinion with me, they just stop talking, so I never know how they feel.  Maybe that’s why I am able to live such a peaceful life.

However, sometimes the crescendo of my ideas reaches a climax.  Either that or when I’m out and about, sometimes I just need a break.

So stumbling away from the crush of Oxford Street (you wouldn’t know that there is a cost of living crisis) with frenzied shoppers (it isn’t even sale season), I needed somewhere to sit down and be left in peace.  Opportunistically coming across this homely-looking coffee I popped in.

A small but welcoming entrance.  This is what lured me for a closer look.

A small but relaxing coffee room.  Gentle jazz music playing in the background.  Fellow coffee drinkers tapping away on their laptops.  A sparse level of dialogue on account of solo only sippers on duty meant that I felt like this cafe was just for me at just the right time.

Latte.  This had deep flavour with smooth fruity notes.  Creamy and savoury combined in an excellent cup.  The milk was carefully frothed and poured and although I usually make fun of emojis on coffees, in this case I think it was apt as I felt warmth from this cafe.  After resting here, I almost felt like I could float way.  Or it may have just been by comparison.

Coffee can cure may things – be it a nagging friend, the need to brave the Darwinian world of high street shopping or a lack of energy.  Unfortunately, sometimes you have to put up with less than ideal surroundings to get it.  Although in this case, I was lucky as location, taste and ambience all hit the right notes.  If I had to think of the ideal place for a coffee, this would be close to it.  In which case, archetype coffee is an archetype indeed.  Now all they need is a live jazz band.


A quiet eating 8.5/10.

A coffee was GBP3.30 excluding service.


Archetype Coffee

31 Riding House St,
London W1W 7DY

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