Many times I have moaned long and hard.  At times I implore the heavens as to why it decides to test me so.  As my friends might remark, I am getting rather good at that.  As they say, practice makes perfect.

Not that I’m implying that I lack self control and that food and drink rules my mood.  No no.  I’m not one to go hangry when I’m not fed like some out of control millennial.  Instead, at times I will in true snob fashion refuse to eat bad food.  Sometimes I choose to go hungry than profane my body with atrocious food.  In fact, I would argue that shows true maturity, being able to resist bodily impulses.  The complaining is only done with this in mind.  That is always done eloquently and in good taste of course.

That’s what I say to myself anyway.

At others I will complain long and loud that some of my favourite places don’t deign to open on a weekend.  Seems rather counter-intuitive to be closed on possibly your busiest day.  So in my journey to become a coffee snob, I must hold that Mecca of coffee fanatics up. Monmouth coffee.  Yet as you might have guessed, the problem is that they aren’t open on Sundays.


So that is what drove me to try something else very nearby.  Boki.

Great machinery for small things.  With an imposing (and shiny) coffee maker, it promised great things.  A hand placing a new cake completed the image of things being delivered just in time.  And what goes best with a coffee?  Something sweet of course.  That is, unless you are on a diet.  In which case, such temptations are best ignored.

Latte.  Small thing in a glass tumbler.  Big on taste.  With an elegant spoon to stir in the sugar.  Let me dwell a bit on this.  As compared to the rather rough hewn, elbow-jostling premise of Monmouth, this place is an island of enviable calm in crowded Covent Garden.  To complement this, it even has a rather upmarket decor, with copper spoons, marble tabletops and glass tumblers.  It makes the smooth, earthy and rather delicious coffee taste even better.

So if you are caught out on a limb on Sunday, when your favourite place isn’t open, do drop by Boki.  It’s better than moaning.


A quiet eating 7.5/10.

A coffee was GBP2.80.



20 Earlham St,
London WC2H 9LG

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