Where The Pancakes Are

I did wonder if the name of this restaurant was to be an all purpose response to any question that you might be asked.

Where’s John?

Where the pancakes are.

Where did you park the car?

Where the pancakes are.

Where did the accident happen?

Where the pancakes are.

Wait, actually depends what type of accident you are talking about.

Under some railroad tracks in Southwark lies this friendly and hip looking local.  A place where secret and amazing things happen.

Latte.  Such is one of the best lattes I have had not in a coffee place.  I commend them.  Like all trendy places, they know what matters, good coffee.  Unlike most trendy places, they are able to deliver on that front.

American.  Bacon, blueberries, maple syrup and pancakes.  Good thing that the coffee was good, as a nice way to ease me into a surprising morning.  I was apprehensive on account of the name.  American seems to be a prelude to far too much excitement nowadays.  Don’t mention the trade wars…  This was also the first time I had tried the maple syrup, bacon and pancake mix.  Logic seemed to rebel against such juxtaposed tastes.  Then again, as the ever popular salted caramel has shown, opposites can gel well.  In a similar way, the bacon and maple syrup, blueberries and pancakes forged ahead to break new ground for me.  A delicious sugar coasted path in my case.  Great.

The restaurant seemed to be the answer to a great many things.  Although this was not immediately obvious from the start, so I entered with a more than usually puzzled look on my face.  However, I left with a quip to supply when needed.  As next time someone asks me where is a good brunch place, there is an answer readily available.  Quite simply, it is Where The Pancakes Are.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Breakfast (pancake and coffee) was GBP15 per person excluding service.


Where The Pancakes Are

Arch 35a, 85a Southwark Bridge Rd,
London SE1 0NQ


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