I was recently accused of being unadventurous.

I think that is a fairly accurate characterization.  As I grow older (and fatter and slower), I see consequences in many of my actions.  Whether it be that impulse purchase of particularly adventurous clothing, that rather exhilarating experience dangling 1000s of feet off the side of the cliff in Norway or that fateful day in the French alps, I think I’ve grown out of that phase.  I tend to try and play things safe when I get the choice.  So it is in the area of food that I can take a chance as the the downside would just be an unpleasant night in the bathroom.

Although I lack the courage to visit Syria, I am willing to try their food.

Fatteh, pita bread layers, tahini yogurt sauce, aubergine and lamb in a tangy tomato sauce.  I had no idea what this was before I ate it.  It just sounded interesting.  Coming in a metal bowl, it didn’t promise much in presentation.  Also located in a food court where you have to jostle with your elbows to get a seat, my expectations were suitably lowered.

So imagine my surprise when this dish delighted on texture with crunchy pita, firm juicy berries and meltingly soft eggplant.  Playing a sympathy on my tongue the smooth yogurt contrasted excellently with tangy tomatoes.  At the base was buried meaty lamb and deliciously smooth egg plant.  I was glad I decided to take a risk here if this was the reward for stepping out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes the prize is worth it.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Lunch (1 dish) was GBP 12 excluding drinks and service.



Earlham street
London Wc2H 9LX


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