Big wave – that’s what tsunami means.

When I say big, I am understating that a bit.  It is smashing, crushing, furiously ferociously killing menace.  It ends life, makes people scream in fear and haunts dreams.

I used to think that could be me.

That’s true when I enter the pool perhaps but not really in other circumstances.  Revisiting my younger (and smaller) says, I last came to Tsunami maybe more than 5 years ago?  So it definitely has staying power, unlike me.  As I am reminded daily, things don’t work as well as they did (and that includes my mouth). Given the lack of clients this Saturday lunch, Tsunami may be also suffering from being closer to its terminal endings than me.

White needle tea.  This was surprisingly good.  Clean, fresh taste.  Small pot and cup forcing you to savour every sip.  The decorative leaf was a bit strange though as it just ended up soaking the tea from the rather badly fashioned teapot which proceeded to leak, quite a bit.  Reminds me of my wallet.

Volcano Roll Shrimp.  Doused in some rather weird cheese? sauce, the shrimp was ok, although probably not something to eat every day as it was a bit dear in price.

The bento box.  Looked fairly decent.

Takoyaki, octopus balls.  With some weird yellow sauce (at first I thought this was mustard, but I was wrong), it was alright in a surprising way.  From the way it looked, I first bit in with trepidation.  However, it actually did taste of octopus, lucky me!

Salad.  With some token ponzu dressing.  In this case, this was fairly sapid so I felt quite sad at this wasted chance to show how good ponzu salad dressing could be.  Oh, those days back in Tokyo continue to haunt me.

Teriyaki salmon.  Pretty decent together with slivers of courgettes, pak choi and rather larger broccoli.  The courgette slivers were particularly nice, slathered as they were in the teriyaki sauce.  The courgette was nicely flavourful as soaking up the sauce.  The broccoli seemed the wrong side of cooked.  Raw mini-trees aren’t really my thing.

Salmon sashimi, prawn sushi, yellow tail sushi.  Sadly rather tasteless, the sashimi and sushi was something that made me sad as they all kind of tasted the same.  Perhaps they should have been sent on some diversity training, you kind of want things to taste different.

Coconut, vanilla, sesame and mango mochi.  These were actually decent with bouncy skins covering ice cream fillings inside.  My friend who is lactose intolerant gifted me with all of the above so I greedily stuffed down a double portion of these little things which were probably the best thing of the meal.  Sadly, that is saying quite alot.

In the end, I enjoyed my meal here especially as the place was rather empty.  It was about 10% full for a Saturday lunch.  No matter, its desertification made up somewhat for the lackluster food.  Maybe they were all too scared of the tsunami to come to Tsunami.  No matter, I suspect that it may aptly be wiped from the face of the earth soon if it keeps going like this.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Lunch (bento box, tea, dessert and sushi roll) was GBP50 excluding other drinks and service.



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