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I am on an eternal hunt for the perfect fried chicken.  Not the Perfect Fried Chicken, there are enough stores named that in London so that is not a hard task.

Venturing around my local area, I was told repeatedly and by various people (to be specific, it was two people) that this was the place to be to try this chicken.  Imagine the build up.  The embarrassment as my mouth watered in anticipation.  The hands sweaty in anticipation.  It was almost as bad as waiting for the lottery numbers to appear on the screen when you had bet your entire fortune on a sliver of a chance.

With such preparation, what could go wrong?

Original, crispy original Korean fried chicken.  So how was it?  It was rather good compared to the other Korean fried chicken I had had.  In that previous occurrence, the chicken was rather heavy, overweight and painfully filling.  Here, the batter here was thin and crunchy.  The chicken nicely moist inside.  If there was a critique, the taste on the outside was a bit plain but still ok.

Yangnyum, glazed Korean sweet chili sauce.  In contrast, this was rather more flavourful.  It was decent, if not really stand out in that way that fried chicken that I remember from Tokyo used to be.  Now THAT was closer to perfect fried chicken with succulent moist filling, unbelievably crunchy chicken inside.  In that case I couldn’t stop popping as I devoured numerous boxes.  The problem with this chicken was that I could stop eating this after a few bites.

LA galbi box, kale salad, rice, dumplings, short ribs.  Starting from left bottom corner going clockwise.  The rice was alright if nothing that was particularly interesting.  The vegetable dumplings were rather tasty and nice.  The galbi lightly seasoned but rather thin.  Made me think that something was missing.  The kale was kale (that vegetable and I do not get along) and the glass noddle, eminently forgettable.

So how was the whole meal?  It was decent but I still have to continue my search for perfect fried chicken.  Perhaps I am doomed to not find good food in my area.  So the hunt continues.


A quiet eating 7.5/10.

Dinner (1 course equivalent) was GBP13 excluding drinks and service.



240 Westferry road
London E14 3RQ

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