The Square

So, as promised here is a bit more detail on how I stuffed my face while in the UK on my most recent trip.

First up, was The Square.  A two Michelin star affair.

Amuse bouche of mozzarella in tomoto puree.

Followed by watercress soup and a cheese chip.  Very rich and yummy.  Tastes like spinach soup, but a bit lighter.

And an egg spring roll.  Actually it would be more accurate to call it a wontan scrambled egg.  A very interesting creation and very yummy!  Sort of like a California roll.

And into the main.  Halibut with cauliflower foam and a butter sauce.  Now I don’t have that much experience of foam (besides vaguely knowing that its really hard to do) but it seemed like a bit of weird combination.  Not to say that this wasn’t good, but it wasn’t excellent.

My dining companion on the other hand went for a roast beef with red wine.  Done very well I must say. But again (I must be spoilt by Japan) nothing to rave about.

And finished off by a pistachio souflee.  Now this was oh so good.  With fig icecream on top (quite similar to something I had at the Ledbury a while ago) this was for me the highlight of the meal.

So how would I sum up The Square?  Granted we were there on a weekday for the set lunch, so it always isn’t going to be as good as the full tasting menu at dinner.  So although the food was quite good, I would say it wasn’t fantastic, more something I would expect at a one star restaurant rather than two.  Although, in my limited experience (before I get lombasted) the only other two star restaurant I have tried is the Ledbury which I love, so this is not exactly an unbiased opinion.

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