London – Walking the South

So, continuing on with my Tai Tai life, I went exploring South London.

Now to those of you that don’t know London, or are ignorant like me, South London sounds like a dangerous place.

Indeed, there are massive heads randomly around.

There is also some interesting wild life.

See them playing in the water?

Never seen these animals before?  There was a school trip nearby making lots of noise.  I can only hope that the most obnoxious kid would be offered up as a sacrifice to placate the animals.

See that hunger.  Orange drool dripping form its jaws.  (I think the last meal may have been nails).

Majestically striding through the swamps.

What it actually is, is a random concrete collection of sculptured dinosaurs.  Yes, weird I know!

These are all located in Crystal Palace, near where they use to hold big festivals.  But then the usual thing happened.  Some kid was playing with fire and it all burnt down.  Oh well.  All that’s left is the big head (see above).

Continuing along our tour, we headed North towards Dulwich.

Now at this point, I think it is appropriate to explain where I was.  I am in zone 2, South London.  I expected this to be full of council estates where I would have to run for my life.

Instead I find the great wildness.

And scenic bridges.

Anyhow, after escaping the jungle we arrived at Dulwich Park.  Definitely worth a visit!  Carefully manicured and maintained, I think it is nicer than Hyde Park and Regent’s Park (not so many tourists) and has a nice family feel to it.

I guess this is the type of place where you live where you are part of the landed gentry.

Unfortunately, although the park exceed my expectations, the food did not.  Typical British canteen food.  I won’t dwell on it because its not healthy.

Welcome to the Horniman’s museum.  I must say it was rather exceptional.

Birdy on the left agrees.  Birdy in the middle (puffin) looks cute and cuddly.  Nice to see a model of what I ate in Iceland.

Other foodstuff on display.

More common eating varieties.

And apparently the staff got REALLY hungry one day so decided to try the mummified lobster.

Now in typical fashion, I forgot to take many photos inside as I was too engrossed in the museum.  It is a private collection of MANY things, from huge selections of mammals, to ancient African artifacts to modern art.

Anyway, time was awasting, and so off we went to the next attraction, passing through some more greenery along the way.

Can you tell what this is?

A better hint?

Yes, its a cemetery.  Now, I have nothing against cemeteries.  In fact, I live next to one in Tokyo.  BUT.  I was following an official TFL sponsored walk, and it took us through THREE cemeteries.  Although I guess the benefit is that its peaceful.

We also made a quick stop at One Tree Hill.

For the view.

The ugly pointing thing on the left is the Shard.  I’m not biased against it, I think it would fit nicely in Dubai.  But London?

Near the end of the walk we also pasted by an abandoned church.

This, might I remind you, is Zone 2 London.  Why is such a magnificent church abandoned?  It really is quite sad.

And it was set in the middle of a,

yes you guessed it,

a cemetery.

But at least it provides a pleasant place to walk the dog.  Here’s a good boy….

Until next time.

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