This is more of a serious coffee shop.  The detective within me deduced this from the horde of coffee paraphernalia adorning the walls.  Prufrock also offers barista training in their basement.  I ended up here through my in depth search of coffee in the capital (i.e. a cursory google search) for a respected coffee place near Chancery Lane.

So I arrived to unpack what made their coffee really that good.  As a person easily irritated by words (an occupational hazard in my line of work), the word unpack irks me, greatly.  When someone says that they are going to unpack something, I would silently wonder when they were moving house.  Even if they were relocating, how much space could words really take up?  I know words can be weighty but even the hundreds of hours of labour invested in my own tome only ended up creating something rather compact and circumspect.  My book was barely substantial enough to swat a fly.

Latte.  With beautiful motif subject to grievous bodily harm.  I wasn’t paying attention and absentmindedly sprinkled in some sugar and then swirled it all around.  Then I remembered what I was supposed to do.  Whip out my camera…  Oh well, as they sometimes say, the truth is in the tasting.  This was to be a good day.  The coffee was full without being burnt.  Fragrant without being overpowering.  Smooth with a hint of edge.  With worn (but well maintained) furnishing, this was a nice place to kick back and read a moment.

Sometimes there is no reward without risk.  Looking around the corners of Chancery Lane, land of lawyers and courts, a very business-orientated land, it was quite surprising to find such a peaceful and good coffee outpost in the most unlikely of places.  Then again, maybe they just unpacked in the wrong place.  Lucky for the judiciary.



A quiet eating 8/10.

A coffee was GBP3.



23-25 Leather Ln,
London EC1N 7TE


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