About the quiet eater and contact

The quiet eater is a pseudonym for me, myself and I.  I thought of trying to make it sound more enigmatic than that but (as with many things in my life) I failed.

Despite this lapse in constructing a clever introduction, a subset of humanity seem to inexplicitly appreciate my other qualities (calling them talents seems a bit too egotistic).  Through recognition by visionary people (thank you), I am a multi-award winning photographer (being featured in the Telegraph, the Sunday Times, the Daily Mirror, Audley Travel and the Sony World Photography Awards) and all the photos of this website belong to me.  My written consent is required for digital or hard copy reproductions.  I am also a published author of an auto-biography, which details my exciting life, under the imprint Routledge.  This blog has also gathered accolades for its restaurant reviews by food critic websites (Zomato, Bookatable and SquareMeal).

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It also seems that I am unintentionally gaining something of a reputation in the food related industry and people now seem to solicit my attendance, which is puzzling to me given that others seem to actively avoid me at times.  Although the pleasure of my company may be sought, I do not allow invitations to influence my posts, a disclaimer will also follow at the bottom of the relvant review.   For examples please click here, here or here.  I would rather eat my hat then give a delusory report.  Which would be amusing but difficult given my hat’s size.

Should you have any comments, queries (constructive abuse only please) or seek my presence, email chris@quieteating.com.

DSC_0596D-Snow-Monkey-sulking-500kb watermark

From Japan, some individuals waiting to give their constructive criticism.  The one on the left wasn’t so enthralled with my photo taking skills.  Maybe I should have just waved a banana around instead of my camera.

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