I must say I was looking forward to lunch at Medlar, primarily because of the people that would attend.  My dining companions did not disappoint.  In particular, I was fascinated to meet someone who could speak in twitter speak.  It was #fascinating to watch and #experience. It made the #event something to #remember for #averylongtime.

Anyway, such aside complete, how was the food?

When we asked for tap water, the restaurant had a #greatidea.  Put some ice cubes and lemon on the table to let you add some flavour to that most prized of elements, water.  #innovation

Roast Orkney scallop with boneless chicken wings, Jerusalem artichoke puree and crisp pancetta.  My scallops were sadly a little overcooked and a bit dry.  The chicken wings were great though, someone had laboriously taken out the bones to leave only the good stuff behind.  #hintsofgreatness

Crab raviolo with samphire, brown shrimps, fondue of leeks and bisque sauce.   A single raviolo with a little crab surprise.  Tasty and meaty, the crab and the prawns swam well together in the bisque sauce.  #swimmingly

Braised beef cheek with smoked parsley root puree and marjoram.   The brown mound promised much.  Delivered a paradoxically bland yet salty taste.  The beef cheek tasted as if it had been boiled, reconstituted and then doused in sauce.  Although the potatoes were creamy and buttery, which helped to rescue this dish.  #rescuedbypotato

Chocolate truffles.  These were.  Unfortunately.  A bitter pill for me to swallow.  Seems like someone forgot the sugar here.  #fail

Marshmallows.  Unfortunately not toasted in this case.  These were full of air and tasted like that.  I wondered where the caramelized outer casing that I expected from marshmallows was hiding.  #meltsugarintome

Medlar promised much, delivered an ok experience.  Although there may be better places to spend your money.  #worthatryonce


A quiet eating 6/10.

Lunch (3 courses) was GBP30 excluding service and drinks.



438 Kings Road
Chelsea SW10 0LJ

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