London lunches

So my internet is still really erratic.  Kind of like the food I’ve been eating.

There have been some requests to see what I eat at lunchtime at London.  At the lovely staff canteen you can usually find this:

This is called fake Indian food mush.  You can see green mush to the left (something which purports to be rice) and some red stuff on the right that is supposed to be some type of curry.

I know its a far cry from looking at this:

While eating this:

I do console myself that at least sometimes I can eat something decent on the weekends.  So I found myself at the one-o-one fish restaurant on a Sunday.

Crab salad with lobster tail.  Mmmhmm

Pan fried dover sole with carrot and other veggie.  Just perfectly cooked. (Ok, after Japan, I usually enjoy my fish on the raw side, but this was still good!)

Pigeon on pasta sheet with foie gras sauce.  Meaty and so very good.

Until next time.

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