London ledbury

So.. parents around for New Years, so time for some good food!

We went to the Ledbury, 2 star French food at Nottinghill.

To start, a little something.  Deep fried boar.  Mhmmm

Chestnut and bacon bread on the side

This is quail egg coated lightly in some breadcrumbs and served on top of some sauce (which I have forgotten).  Half cooked inside.  Reminds me of hanjuku tamago…. mhmmmm  ramen

This is diced scallops and oysters (nice and raw) with a little light cheese on top.  Quite a strong taste of lemon, and reminded me of sashimi!  (Ok, I guess I will spend the rest of my life relating all my food back to Japan).

And the sashimi dish was accompanied by toast with cheese and truffles…  A very strong taste of truffles!

Deconstructed mushroom soup.  Take apart the soup and separate it out again.  Quite interesting as the semi solid thing underneath tasted like silken tofu.

Deer meat with beetroot and fried potato.  Very well done (just cooked enough, but not too much.  I do tend to like things slightly raw now a days).

Passionfruit jelly.. Mhmm.  Slightly tangy but not too enough too be unpleasent.

Souffle with fig icecream inside!  Very light and a good way to near the end.

Petit fours to end.  Yum yum.

After this, I was unable to eat much for dinner.  Ahh.

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