Bali travels

I have finally got internet at my new house.

And so I return.  There has been a some demand for new photos of office eating in London, but I have trouble finding the subject matter as I don’t think they serve what most people recognise as “food” in the staff canteen.  I really miss those days in Tokyo when I could step out to food paradise.

So as promised, here is a little catch up of what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months or so.  First Bali!

As usual, my camera was pointed at the food.  First up, some Indonesia food. Chicken curry.

Mee goring

Plate of satay, spring rolls, and lots of chicken and stuff.  Sorry its not very descriptive.  I ate this 2 months ago…

View from the restaurant

The food in Bali was interesting, but I did find myself missing Japanese food.  I think even after 8 months in Tokyo, I only love Japanese food even more!  Already thinking of going back soon!

Token cultural site.  Some temple of other that is supposed to be very famous (but I forgot the name…).  Anyway, Bali seemed EXTREMELY touristy.  Ok, it wasn’t as bad as Egypt when I visited there.

But it did have really peaceful beaches and beautiful sunsets!

And great places to relax afterwards.  Where we spent one night having drinks.

There were a lot more scenic shots, but I didn’t take them as I was busy (as usual) looking for something to eat.

Next up, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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