In these days of rampant inflation (depends how you see it), in order to regain some optimism, sometimes the best tactic is to drown your sorrows.  If you are looking for a place which will leave you with plenty in your pocket for this past time after food, you might wish to try Leroy.

It has the booze piled up on high right above your head.  Billed as one of the more affordable Michelin starred eateries in town, it is a great alternative to places that would otherwise leave a hole in your wallet.

Bread and butter.

Deviled eggs.  These are hard boiled eggs with mustard and mayonnaise topping.  With some chives right on top.  A tasty snack to start the meal.

Vesuvio tomatoes with feta, olives and broad beans.  Refreshing, tasteful tomatoes, a great treat for the meal.

Rainbow trout rillette, picked cucumbers, toast.  A generous helping of rillettes on the excellent toast, something to enjoy.

Crispy lamb belly, polenta, grilled red peppers.  Deep flavour of lamb belly.  Set off with sharp peppers and smooth polenta.

Parmesan gnocchi, peas, courgettes.  A vegetable dish of al dente pasta with lightly cooked courgettes on the side.

Mirabelle and greengage mess.  Plums mess with cream and honey taste.  Sweet and smooth all together.

L’Etivaz cheese.  A type of gruyere cheese, it was nutty and meaty.  Tasting similar to comte.  Excellent with some crispy slices of bread.

Leroy was an affordable place with above average food for that amount of dosh.  It showed that there are places which won’t break the bank if you look around hard enough.  Perhaps a good place to stop by for lunch.  It will leave plenty in your pocket.  If you need liquid courage during or after the meal as you view your savings dilute through inflation.  At least it won’t add to that problem.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Lunch (3 courses) was GBP25 including service but excluding drinks.



18 Phipp Street,
London EC2A 4NU


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