People have often asked me what different there can be with sushi – it’s just raw fish, there can’t be any real difference, it’s all the same.

Even among those who are willing to give sushi a try, differences between the chains and Japanese restaurants in London do not really show vast differences.  When people insist otherwise, I am put in something on a quandary.  It is somewhat hard to put a finger on.  It is as difficult as trying to describe water to someone who has never been wet.  You can be the most eloquent descriptor alive but sometimes you just have to see or try things to understand.

So this is how I ended up at Kyubei.  To prove a point.

There is sushi and there is Sushi.  Kyubei is unequivocally Sushi.

Yet the problem with eating superlative food is that afterwards everything seem to lose colour.  Well, at least that’s the excuse I used when I accidentally tripped, lost in my own head, on the way home.  Need to be back sometime!

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