It is amazing what people do when they think no one is watching.
Over a early morning coffee on Sunday, from my perch half a floor above him, I watched a guy who discretely put three sugars into his coffee.  Snob that I am, I found this to be extremely amusing.  Also, other more elitist coffee drinkers that I know would endlessly harangue me if I did that.
What was funnier was that when he got a bit of liquid on his hand he proceeded to wipe it on the table next to him, the seat adjacent and then his note book. Amusing as this is, it is a lot better then those people who don’t wash after going to the toilet. Then you see them come towards you with outstretched arm ready to shake your hand.  A dilemma then runs through your mind.  To shake or not to shake?  Now, it usually does not have CLC (career limiting consequences) in most cases but what happens if it was someone superior to you?

Latte.  Anyway, such toilet humour aside, this was a coffee.  Which was rather good.  So much so that I did not need any added sugar.  With thick milk and earthly tones, this was rather good.

BIG BOY french toast, home-made fluffy brioche, fresh raspberries, raspberry coulis, home-made mascarpone whipped cream.  With such BIG TEXT, bombastically shouting out how great it was, it would be a shame if it disappointed (like most things announced in such manner).  For once I wasn’t.  With soft bread, delicious berry compote topped off with smooth cream, this was great.

Stopping at the end of the meal to bask in surprising happiness, I am glad that I chose this place to spend my Saturday morning.  The leafy and plush decor is also worth a mention, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.  Yet in my excitement, I spilt a bit of coffee on my hand.  So before it was time to leave, maybe it was time for a visit to the gents with requisite scrubbing of appendages of course.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Breakfast (1 course) was GBP10 excluding drinks and service.



54-56 Great Eastern St, Hackney,
London EC2A 3QR



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