Formative Coffee

I assume that the name “Formative Coffee” is a reference to it being the basis (or formative) reason for many things in life.  Such as getting to work, getting dressed, brushing teeth and most importantly waking up.

Otherwise if such actions did not happen it would not be formative at all.  Although in younger days, missing the bus to school was a formative experience.  In this sense, I refer to the reprisals visited upon me for being too lazy to wake up in time.  Things did not turn out that well after that.

The location of this cafe perhaps also lent further weight to its name.  It was close to the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street – the centre of UK politics.  This was where policy was “formulated”.  What better way to do so while with a warm cup of coffee?

Latte.  Rather smooth, full bodied and creamy.  It was a decent coffee, a view which I think most of the surrounding people agreed with as it was a bit hard to get a seat here.

Although the coffee was not out of this world, it was decent.  If I was passing by I might drop it but I wouldn’t make a trip just to see that.  Yet, perhaps in this day and age in British politics, something that is stable and good is to be cherished.  I think the UK has had enough of attempts at exceptionalism.


A quiet eating 7/10.

A coffee was about GBP3.


Formative Coffee

Bulter Place
London SW1H 0RH

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