Bonjour Brioche Cafe

So what do people eat outside central London?

Such a perplexing question.

Fish and chips?

Bangers and mash?

Cheese on toast?

Snide comments aside, I’m sure that in a more peaceful locale (i.e. outside zone 1/2 London), there is good food to be found.  Sometimes it just takes a bit more searching.

On the other hand, perhaps you are searching for a place further away from the hustle and bustle of the city so that you can avoid people.  Perhaps it might have been those two sometime irritating friends of yours who were seemingly hellbent on poking fun at you.  Misdirection and distraction can only bring you so far.  Sometimes physical distance is required.  A little cafe in Hampstead would seem to do it.

Sweet corn fritters with avocado, tomato, jam, mayo and bacon.  In any case, sometimes you just need some decent food to calm your nerves.  Sweet corn fritters were interesting.  As some might say, a base with taste.  The rest of the toppings tasted as expected, making this not bad, if not groundbreaking.

Melted Gruyere with ham, vine tomato, poached eggs and pesto served on a brioche bun.  Or perhaps I should say tamato, due to their inadvertent (I hope) spelling mistake on the menu.  Here, I would like to take you on a bit of a tangent.  How important is spelling to you?  If you see something misspelt or punctuated, do you immediately take note?  Is it something that you can easily let by?  Or does it stick under your skin and constantly irritate you?  Is it something that you just can’t let go of?

I have been noted to pick over people’s menus/stationary/other memorabilia when, much to the annoyance of my friends, I am given a moment.  On reflection, maybe that is why at times I am inundated with questions, to try and distract me from being rather irritating.  Then again, maybe that’s why sometimes, no one wants to dissuade me from disappearing off into the wildness.  Of course, sometimes there is joy in not being found.  So next time you want to avoid someone, it might be worth visiting somewhere beyond the beaten path.  You might even find something worth eating there.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Lunch (1 course) was about GBP12 excluding drinks and service.


Bonjour Brioche Cafe

2a England’s Ln,
London NW3 4TG


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