Winter is coming

It is finally starting to get cold in London.

Just finished a 13km run in the 8 degree weather.  First time I put on my running tights again this year.  Also, first time I’ve run that distance in 6 weeks.  Think I’m going to be limping at work (again).

But with Winter coming there also also things to look forward to!

While wandering along to Hyde Park for some photo opportunities I pasted this quaint little lane.  I wish I could live here.

Especially when you are 5 minutes away from this

And this

And in the distance you can see the Christmas carnival being set up!

Then I moved along to Covent Garden to have a peak around.  Its been a while!  Here is a new area I discovered near seven dials.

And the Christmas lights are also going up.  Seems like its earlier and earlier every year!

And a new show!  I still remember reading this story when I was kid and wishing I was like Matilda.

And the Christmas tree.

And other giant decorations.

And what’s the best thing to end a cold day?

Kimchi hotpot!


Until next time.

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