In my tireless search for some decent Japanese food at an affordable price In London, I am typically disappointed.  Perhaps it is a problem of a disconnect between hope and reality.  Such a problem seems to often plague my life.

Then again, maybe it is (as people complain) just because I am picky.  Nothing seems to fill my tummy adequately.  It keeps on grumbling yearning for more.  Life is full of unrequited love.  Think of that miso soup that misses me.  That toro that is sadly unfulfilled.  That tonkatsu which feels lonely.

Miso soup.  As an introduction, started with some soup.  I’ve had miso soups before which were bursting with umami as they have been slowly cooked overnight.  Sadly this was not it as it seemed rather plain and uninspiring.

Salmon, tuna and crab stick rolls.  Ok if not particularly good.  Looks pretty but tries to get a bit too western for my tastes.  When I mention the more European/American palate, I refer to liberal use of avocado, crab sticks and some weird sweet/spicy sauce on top.  It was the latter which was to cause particular consecration.  Would have been better without it.

Japanese curry chicken karaage.  The karaage was not bad.  Flavourful chunks encased in batter, even if the casing was abit too thick.  I’m not so sure about the combination with the curry though.  It kind of ended up as a bowl of mush as the curry seeped into the karaage turning it into a soggy, messy mass.  Then again, perhaps this is why my mother always admonished me for playing with my food.  Although I would retort that I was “resting” the food to make it taste better, coming from a kid that was given short shrift.  Although the portion size was very generous.

Some type of dumpling.  Mystery meat?  Couldn’t really tell what was inside here as it seemed a bit too oily so couldn’t really determine what lay below.  I felt sad as I often look forward to dumplings.  Perhaps I should grow up and learn lessons that maybe that isn’t the best way forwards.

Sushioen tried.  They really did.  The service was very polite, very good and the food was alright.  Sadly, it just wasn’t that good.  In my search for decent Japanese food at an affordable price, I’ll have to continue feeling lonely for a bit longer.


A quiet eating 6.5/10.

Lunch (1 course) was GBP 12 excluding drinks and service.



2 White Church Lane, Aldgate East
London E1 7QR

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