Sometimes I feel a burning desire.

For food that is.

Spicy food and I have an interesting relationship.  I like a bit of spice to my life and will not readily turn down a hot offering.  Although I love chilli and the first few bites are exquisite, I then run into a problem if I am somewhat overzealous.

Before I realise it, I have eaten too fast.  Consequences then catch up to me.  I start to sweat.  My mouth begins to burn.  Pain begins.

As I get older, I find that it takes more repetitions for lessons to sink in as I am getting older, stuck in my ways and more stubborn.  However, I am progressing as I do know that it would be a bad idea to bite into the chillis unless I am trying to extinguish other unwanted thoughts through fire.

Pork belly slices with rice noodles.  This was ok but the pork seemed a bit listless.  It tasted just like someone had boiled the pork in slightly seasoned water and then added food colouring.  Although perhaps the bland nature of this was setting me up for something else.

Fish fillet in hot chilli oil.  This red coloured soup.  Is numbing.  After a few delightful bites, it becombes bhard fo falk.  With generous helpings of fish and even more plentiful heaping of chilli, this was a good dish in value for money and taste.  The pairing of lightly tasting fish fillets and chilli sauce was a great contrast.

Deep fried chicken with chilli.  Deep fried and chilli are two of my favourite things.  With a tasty seasoning (don’t ask how much salt goes into this), the peanuts added delightful nutty taste.  It was hot too, if not enough to blow your mind.

The chicken and fish have interesting properties.  The more you eat, the less you taste.  The less you taste, the less you feel.  Feeling less is a good thing when the bill comes.  As it may shock you in a more pleasant way as it isn’t really that much.


A quiet eating 8/10.

Dinner (2 courses equivalent) was GBP15 excluding drinks and service.



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London E14 8NS

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