London – Okinawan festival

Sorry for my lack of posts, work has been hard recently…

There was this Okinawa festival in London

With a couple food stores

But it just made me want to go back.

Ryuku ikitai…

Yaki soba and onigiri.  What I would give for the real thing!

london de oshii no nihon tabemono nai desu

But the concert was quite good!

But soon it was time to walk off to explore the rest of London

Such as borough market!

Place of great great food.

And yummy ingredients.  I cooked roast pork, black pepper beef with bak choi and courgettes with bacon for dinner.  This was followed up by banoffee pie.  All home made with no cheating!  Too bad my friends and I ate it too fast to take pictures of it…

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