Modern European

So I have a friend visiting from HK, so I decided to take them somewhere nice.

I ended up going to the Reading Room at Claridges after reading some good reviews.

First course:

The Chef’s amuse bouche

Egg and toast.  Ok, it was very buttery toast, and then scrambled eggs with mushrooms and lots of butter.  Quite good, but very rich.


Octopus salad.  This was thinly sliced octopus with sundried tomatoes on top.  It was ok, but not really that special.  I miss nihon no tako…


This is guinea fowl.  Nicely done, and not dry at all.  This was on top of a bed of very buttery spinach, and very buttery potato and carrot mash and then some other buttery vegetables.  There was a serious amount of butter in this dish.  I think they could have eased off it a bit.


Left – sago coconut pudding, middle – passionfruit souffle – right lemon icecream with fruit salad.  Very normal.

Verdict – ok, but nothing special really.  And especially considering the price (GBP 41 without including service) I do not think it is was really worth it.

I guess its time to go back to the Ledbury!

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