Washington 1 – The Air and Space Museum

The start of the trip.  The start of an adventure.

Unfortunately I managed to accidently delete some of my food photos (sorry!) so you will need to visualise some of the missing meals.

The view once you step out the airport.  Can’t you taste the freedom?

We took the bus into the city and then went in search of food.  We were near the Mall and NOTHING was open on Sunday… After about an hour of walking around we finally managed to find something open.


how exciting.

Anyway, I had a salad which was alright AND papadella mushroom and ham pasta.  Now the pasta was ok…  BUT it had so much cream and cheese in it that I almost died trying to stuff it down (I didn’t get to finish).  Ok, from this moment on I was a bit apprehensive about American food.  Was it all going to be like that?

Anyway, after this it was time for bed.

My friend and I decided that we would live the American dream in the morning and so at 7:00am we did a jog of the Mall.  From the Washington monument.

To Capitol Hill

And casually stopping by the White House on the way back

Then back for breakfast (nasty American breakfast at the hotel which doesn’t even deserve a photo).

Off we go to:

I have always wanted to go.  When I was little I loved space and always wished I could be an astronaut.  So this was like a dream come true!

Inside the foyer.  The middle ship is space ship one, the Virgin cruiser.

And dropping by Apollo 11, the little capsule which took Man to the moon and back.

Past experimental fighter jets

Past great machines such as the Spitfire

And other greats such as the Luna Lander

And past missiles with the power to destroy the world

Which were turned into Man’s pathway to the stars

Then it was lunch time.  To be continued…

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