Butchies, not to be confused with butch.

Butch means a man with big big muscles.  I know a particular friend in university who was intent on being known for such, even though he was anything but.  Made for interesting discussions, as it was easy to send him into a rage, a tizzie or depression.  He still hasn’t changed after 20 years, at least on this front.  Although he has become bigger though, yet perhaps not in the way he would have preferred.

So perhaps this is where the imagination for the meal comes from.  Eating this will make you butch, big or perhaps fat.  A fond memory of how I used to be a smaller (and better looking) man.

Make it a meal.  As described on the menu, this implies that to make this a fulsome event, you need a bit more.  Fries, burger and drink (not featured here).  As you can see, they definitely have the takeaway look down pat.  Metal trays, paper coverings, and packet sauces.  Although the little toothpick flag did make it seem just a little less cheap.

Skin on fries.  I lived in hope that the taste would be inconsistent with the look.  Unfortunately, I still live in hope.  Rather oily and soggy, these were large droopy chips.  The description of skin on was misleading.  Couldn’t find any skin on (fake or otherwise) sections on these.

The OG, Butchies “OG” sauce, house pickles.  This fried chicken was weird.  Some of it was crunchy and juicy.  Some of it was moist and bouncy.  It almost seemed like two different people had cooked each half of the burger.  Either that, or my luck for an exciting life is happening more and more.  Perhaps “OG” is meant to stand for only garbage.

I started this meal hoping to re-live memories of the past.  I soon found out that these can consist of two things – something good (antiques, grandma, a rippling body etc), they can sometimes be less so (the primary school bully, spinach, mud ctc).  That reminded me about why it was good to be small in those days.  A small and nimble boy was more easily able to escape his enemies’ clutches.  Now instead, I’m just big but unfortunately not butch so I’ve lost my advantages and need to watch where I step.  Otherwise things might not turn out that well.


A quiet eating 7/10.

Dinner (a burger, fries and a drink) was GBP13 excluding service.



25 N Colonnade,
London E14 5HD


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