Washington 5 – Art, Food and other stuff

How do you start off a breakfast in America?

Here’s how.

First you have a parfait.

Peach in this case.  Think yummy parfait with museli and fruit on top.

Then follow it up with a bagel.

But not just any bagel, but a Bacon, cheese and egg bagel.

Nom nom nom.

However, at this point I feel it is my duty to point out something.  WHY DO AMERICANS LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH.  It isn’t even nice.  Its that kraft cheese you get inbetween pieces of plastic.  I bet it didn’t even come from a cow….  And it has that nasty yellow colour that looks so artificial.

Anyway, we went to the art museum where there was slightly better taste.

Although unfortunately as a art Barbarian, I did not know how to appreciate things.

Well, such as paintings.  I liked the weird stuff more.

Like coloured squares…

We also stopped for a side visit at the American Indian Museum.  However, unfortunately I had no clue about the significance of anything.  I quickly lost interest, hence the lack of photos.  Sorry!

But then, we were out of time.  Time to head to the train station.

And what a train station it was!  Look at those vaulted ceilings.  I won’t compare this to King’s cross or Waterloo because it will just make me sad.  Now this is how to design a train station.

The magnificence of the train station made me more sad to be leaving Washington.

I also managed to meet up with quite a few old friends in Washington.  Mark, Kanika, Bret and Alex.  Thanks for meeting up, it was good to see you.

And thanks especially for:

A delicious mussel pizza

And a peanut butter cake.

Next stop, New York.

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