New York 3 – Times Square, Central Park, New York Museum of Natural History

It seems like some people did not like it when I posted only through photos!

Ok, so back to text and photos.

Off we went to Times Square.

Nowhere near as glizzy and dazzling as I suspected.  Kind of like a smaller scale Shibuya!  (Sorry New York).

It did however feature one very important building.  Hershey and Reese store.  I really really love their peanutbutter cups.  So yummy.  Although I think they may lead to my early demise.

Off through central park.

Nice views over the lake.

Apparently London is not the only place with metro issues.  New York has them too.  I had to hike through central park for 30 minutes to get to…

The Natural History Museum.  Exterior currently under rennovation.

And inside, say hello to the elephant family!

There were dinosaurs

Displays of massive trees which lived for 1500+ years

An introduction to the history of the universe




Human artifacts

Human origins

Mineral wealth

Natural wealth

All in all, the museum was fantastic.  I would even go as far to say that in some ways it surpassed the Washington museums just because it was SOOO big and tried to cover so so much.  I was especially entranced by their space sections.  With so much under one roof I will need to return one day to do it real justice.

Next stop was lunch. Shake shack.  I did take an hour to get to the front of the queue though..

To be rewarded with this!  Beef patty, cheese, deep fried portabello cheese filled mushroom, tomato and lettuce in a bun.

And a side order of fries.

I would say the burger was good!  But tiny.  All in all I think the quality of the beef could be improved (maybe I am spoilt by kobe beef burgers).  Was it worth an 1 hour wait?  Probably not.

Although a certain little doggy may have a different opinion.

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