Turkey – the end for now

So finishing up Ephesus we stopped by the temple of Artemis.


Its that one sad pillar by itself.  The temple fell to the horrible death known as recycling.  I.e. taking from the old to make a new new shiny house.

And if you look into the distance you can see

St. John’s church

A castle

And a mosque!

Talk about mixing religions

Good bye Ephesus

Hello Istanbul

This is the Dolmabahçe Palace.

This is where the modern Turkish emperor lived.  Well, I guess Ataturk was the last one.  He even has a special wing forever kept frozen in that era of time (just like all the clocks in the palace which has stopped at the time of his death).

The palace grounds were very very pretty

Unfortunately all you are going to get to see is the exterior as no pictures are allowed inside.

If you don’t behave Mr. Chicken will come and peck you.  Yes he lives on the palace grounds.  I think he’s related to the one I met in Arundale

And back out to where the common folk live

And a bit of shopping later

And more importantly eat -kebab

Chicken with butter rice

Cold cuts

Bean and lime soup

Egg and eggplant

Cake and turkish icecream

Beef stew, lamb fillets and tomato rice

See far left dessert.

Looks nice right?

It’s the blind girl’s favorite.

Its actually made out of chicken and its called Kazandibi!

But don’t feel tired

Turkey wants you!

But sometimes you just need to lie down

And take a rest

So that ends the Turkey adventure.  Stay tune for the next installment.  Now starting on Japan again.  Back to the start of quieteating.

Till next time

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