Tokyo – the story so far

So I have a little bit of catching up to do.  I’m now in my 7th week in Tokyo.

So here is the start of my catch up

First night out in Shinjuku for…


We made sure to sit at the counter so as to get tempura straight from the fryer.  Each delicious morsel delivered at just the right temperature.  No soggy tempura here

So what do we have here?  Egg plant (nasu) and red pepper (tougarashi) tempura (on the left) and two prawns (ebi) on top of squid (ika).

And below the various sauces.

This was some fish I forgot the name of, sorry!

And this is eel (anago).  This is not unnagi, its different!  Anago is a salt water eel and unnagi is a fresh water eel.  They both taste great though!

And this is a little battered surprise.  Full of baby prawns


Unfortunately it was then time to go.  But on our walk back to the station we loitered next to a street concert. Live J-pop!

The next week, we went to Iidabshi to enjoy food

They were also preparing for a festival

But it was raining so unfortunately we didn’t get to see much

Except for lots of restaurants

And this

So we finally decided to settle with this.  The local pub (izakaiya)

First up, a little (cooked) chicken (toriniku)

Followed by some sashimi to wet the pallet

This is an omelet cooked in a benito broth

Stewed shellfish in its own juices

Pork (butaniku) and spring onions (negi) cooked on a leaf over a fire

Fish roe (ikura)

Chicken wings

Rice ball (onigiri)

Minced chicken (tsukune)

Big big fish head

And finished with a matcha creme bulee

And a burnt caramel crepe.

More next time!

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