7 hours in Ephesus – Part 2

So continuing down the main street

You felt the call of nature.  Time to stop by the potty.  

After having increased your comfort level substantially, it was time to do some reading, so you drop by the library of Celsus, one of the wonders of the ancient world.

And while reading a scroll you of course stop to check out the writing on the wall.

Before turning around to look at the library architecture 

Someone really ought to fix the hole in the roof

After the short literary diversion 

But as this is of course one of the centres of the world, its time to glance back at the library

Next off, strolling down the main street again admiring the many shops by the side

And also checking out some of the other houses.  Got to keep an eye on the neighbours

And finally, time for the highlight of the day, the theatre

Today’ its a singing performance.  Time to clap along with the other 20,000 spectators

Before walking off towards the harbour

Someone really ought to trim the trees, they are getting higher than the columns

And people should watch the construction, cranes can be unslightly


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