Tokyo sushi

So the eating continues…

One fine weekend went off to try a new sushi place for lunch.  It took a bit of finding and a bit of suffering in the 35 degree heat… Urgh….

Here it is.  In a small quiet suburb next to Tsukiji

You need to get past the guardian first though….

So after defeating the guardian, we got inside and sat at the counter

And watched other diners eat..  I felt like eating them while we were waiting too.  Now, it is always preferable to eat at the counter in a sushi restaurant so that you can get the sushi one piece at a time straight from the chef to maximize taste

A bit of chicken soup to wet the appetite

And the first, scallop (hotate).  So fresh and mixed with just the right amount of wasabi.  One of my personal favourites

Red snapper (tai)

Tuna (Hosomaki)

And now time for the main event!  Super fatty tuna in the middle (toro) and flounder (hirame) on the right.  The toro really melts in the mouth….  ahhh…

In the middle of abalone (awabi) and on the right is sea eel (anago).  I bet all the chinese diners (including myself) really appreciate abalone

And to end, that big fat orange thing is sea urchin (uni).  Now I usually don’t like uni, but this one was so fresh and creamy that I couldn’t resist…

And on the other side you can see a yummy yummy prawn (ebi) with egg (tamago) wedged in the middle

And to top it off, a really really sweet melon.


Definitely one of the best sushi meals I’ve had in Japan!

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