Tokyo – a stroll in the park

Because I spend so much of my time eating, I get very fat.

And to counter this I need to take walks.  Kind of like a dog.  I also like to chase frisbees, which is another similarity, but that’s another story.

After lunch it was hot hot hot.

Some people had the right idea.  Siesta time!

So we headed out for a cooooool area.

But got a bit distracted on the way by:


What is MELON PAN you ask?  Its melon bread.  MELON bread.  MMhmmmm.  But unfortunately there is no melon inside.  They are called Melonpan because…. they look like Melons!  Wow I’m so smart…..

I digress.

Stupid Gaijin like us decided that the park would be the best place to cool off.

This is Hama Rikyu Teien.  It was built on the grounds of the Tokugawa villa.

Do not be deceived by the photos.  It was 40 degrees or so…  At least the water and grass and trees help to absorb SOME of the heat.  My skin absorbed the rest…

There was also interesting signage around the place

Some people were still taking wedding photos though!

So we ran off to seek refuge

In the tea house in the lake.  I really do love Japanese gardens.  They are just so meticulously maintained.

And iced matcha and red bean (anko) sweets

And the inside of the nice cool tea house

A real scorcher of a day.  Although I have been told that August is the hottest month… and we aren’t even halfway through yet!!!

Until next time.

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