A festival in Tokyo

So last time I was in Tokyo I managed to make it to many many festivals, so this time I am being a bit more selective

On the way to the Yasukuni shrine.  Unfortunately for some reason I keep on thinking that is the Yasainiku place.  Which means vegetables and meat…

Must be that other restaurant I really like that has a similar name.

There is also a garden inside which we went to first.  Which has LOTS of BIG fish.

There is even a vending machine for fish food.

Anyway, we were here to see the Mitami Matsuri – where people come to pay respects to the spirits of the dead.

The Yasukuni shrine is actually to commemorate all those who have died for Japan, in particular in war time.  It has attracted a great deal of controversy because several Japanese war criminals from World War 2 are buried here.

But anyway, this is the way to the shrine

Oh so pretty!

Look at the lanterns

But it gets better.  There is food under the lanterns!  Like these takoyaki.

Or have about some yakitori?

Oh yes, its  bit crowded.  Did I mention?

This is the chicken.  The golden chicken.

And the procession following

Anyway, while approaching the shrine you have to pass by some streamers.  Pretty streamers…  Giant streamers…

And some more lanterns

Paintings of fuji

More lanterns

And finally the shrine itself.

That’s all for now.

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